31. 01. 2015
Carl Casper (Jon Favreau, back, to the left), his son Percy (Emjay Anthony, front, to the left), and their friend Martin (John Leguizamo, front, to the right) enjoy a good Texas BBQ.

Food, Glorious Food: Chef Jon Favreau Goes Back to the Roots

In Hollywood, Jon Favreau has become a household name as the man at the helm of the Iron Man trilogy. While he admittedly did a commendable job as the director of the first...

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31. 12. 2014
CIA Agent Lacey (Lizzy Caplan, center) briefs television star Dave Skylark (James Franco, left) and his producer Aaron Rapaport (Seth Rogen, right).

Tyranny of Souls: James Franco and Seth Rogen Conduct The Interview

Despite the fact that most comedies involving Seth Rogen have generally been subject to debate, none of them has stirred as big a controversy as The Interview. A political comedy about real-life North...

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29. 12. 2014
Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman, front), Gandalf the Gray (Ian McKellen, center), and the Dwarves await the Orcs.

Fight the Good Fight: Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies, or the End of an Era

Although fans and critics alike haven’t been completely satisfied with the results, the first two parts of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy have been among the biggest-grossing movies in recent years. One of...

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29. 11. 2014
Edward Snowden (left) explains Glenn Greenwald (right) how it's done.

Agent Provocateur: Edward Snowden Explains the Digital World as Citizenfour

Who is Edward Snowden? Why even bother posing the question, you may ask, as the answer seems to be blatantly obvious: a world-famous whistleblower. The person who first appeared under the alias of...

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30. 10. 2014
Caesar (Andy Serkis) doesn't like what he sees.

Shock the Monkey: Matt Reeves Brings Us the Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

French novelist Pierre Boulle’s alternative universe in which apes rule the planet has long fascinated Hollywood. It spawned five movies between 1968 and 1974, a TV series, plus a remake in the early...

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29. 09. 2014
Godzilla prepares to save mankind.

Attacked by Monsters: The Return of the American Godzilla

Everybody loves Godzilla, the world-famous Japanese monster. At least most people seem to like it enough so that Hollywood has decided to bring it back to the silver screen after a 16-year hiatus...

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31. 07. 2014
Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine, right) and his First Officer Spock (Zachary Quinto, left) meet their archenemy Khan Noonian Singh (Benedict Cumberbatch, center).

Journey Into Space: Reawakening the Giant in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek: Into Darkness

In 2009, the Star Trek reboot by J.J. Abrams clearly divided the devout ‘trekkies.’ The picture shed a different light on several beloved characters from the original television and movie series – including...

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02. 06. 2014
Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg, center) tries to revive her sex life.

Sexual Healing: Charlotte Gainsbourg Enters the Dark Side in Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac: Vol. II

The second act of Nymphomaniac isn’t the first sequel shot by notorious Danish director Lars von Trier; that honor belongs to the horror movie Epidemic. Yet his latest two-part film carries the distinction...

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31. 05. 2014
Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg, left) tells the wise older hermit Seligman (Stellan Starsgård) all about her life as a nymphomaniac.

Lust for Life: Charlotte Gainsbourg Becomes Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac: Vol. I

Lars von Trier has never run away from controversy. The Danish enfant terrible has rather made a career out of embracing it – whether by being banned from the Cannes Film Festival for...

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28. 04. 2014
Arkady Renko (William Hurt, right) tries to shed a light on the role of Irina Asanova (Joanna Pacula, left) in the brutal murder of three people.

Back in the U.S.S.R.: William Hurt Investigates Soviet-Style in Michael Apted’s Gorky Park

For half of a century, the Soviet Union was the one big enemy of all Western countries as well as a welcome antagonist in a myriad of books, movies, and television shows. Portraits...

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03. 03. 2014
'And the Oscar goes to...'

Slaves & Masters: The 86th Annual Academy Awards Coverage

It’s that time of the year again. Hollywood appreciates itself by handing out prestigious golden trophies. 2013 was full of surprises, both in a positive and in a negative way. This year’s class...

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16. 02. 2014
Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio, right) may be the Wolf of Wall Street - but at home, 'pussy runs the show' in the shape of his wife Naomi (Margot Robbie, left).

Money for Nothing: Martin Scorsese Makes Leonardo DiCaprio The Wolf Of Wall Street

After some rather unconventional career choices lately, Martin Scorsese has finally returned to the world he knows best – that of the real-life gangsters transported to the big screen. For The Wolf Of...

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06. 02. 2014
Andy Knightley (Nick Frost), Peter Page (Eddie Marsan), Gary King (Simon Pegg), Steven Prince (Paddy Considine), and Oliver Chamberlain (Martin Freeman, from left to right) don't believe their own eyes.

The Golden Mile: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost & Edgar Wright Celebrate The World’s End

Acting duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have worked together on and off the screen ever since the British late 1990s cult sitcom Spaced. With the zombie spoof Shaun Of The Dead, comedians...

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29. 01. 2014
Machete Cortez (Danny Trejo) shoots his way through Mexico, Texas - and even into outer space.

Fun in Space: Robert Rodriguez’s Machete Kills Not Only in This World

There were times when Machete was but a bloodthirsty creature from one of the many fake trailers for the Grindhouse double-dip of Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof and Planet Terror by his old friend...

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31. 12. 2013
Alyona (Valeria Lanskaya) has just received a call from the future.

Future Management: Funny and Romantic Disaster Control in The New Year Calling Plan

New Year’s is an entirely different beast in Russia than in most other countries. For historical reasons, it’s basically Christmas and the rest of the holiday season rolled into one. The turn of...

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