31. 05. 2015
Riggan Thompson (Michael Keaton, front) is always haunted by Birdman.

Broadway The Hard Way: Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Birdman, or the Psyche of an Actor

Mexican filmmaker Alejandro González Iñárritu had already been a known commodity in Hollywood circles for a while. His debut feature, Amores Perros, became a fan favorite, while his U.S. projects 21 Grams, Babel,...

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30. 04. 2015
A broken Kolya (Aleksei Serebryanov) reflects on his life.

The Monster Is Loose: Andrei Zvyagintsev’s Leviathan as a Parable of Putin’s Russia?

Russian cinema has always commanded international respect, even when things were frosty between the Soviet Union and the ‘West.’ The same still holds true for the modern arthouse movies from the country. Since...

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29. 03. 2015
The midget Hans (Harry Earles, left) is ridiculed by the trapeze artist Cleopatra (Olga Baclanova, right).

The Midget’s Lament: Tod Browning’s Freaks, or the Birth of Cinema from the Spirit of the Fair

Every once in while movies give a new direction to pop culture by starting a new epoch. Take A Clockwork Orange (1971), which influenced the punk movement by providing a new dress and...

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31. 01. 2015
Carl Casper (Jon Favreau, back, to the left), his son Percy (Emjay Anthony, front, to the left), and their friend Martin (John Leguizamo, front, to the right) enjoy a good Texas BBQ.

Food, Glorious Food: Chef Jon Favreau Goes Back to the Roots

In Hollywood, Jon Favreau has become a household name as the man at the helm of the Iron Man trilogy. While he admittedly did a commendable job as the director of the first...

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18. 01. 2015
Jean-Dominique Baudy (Mathieu Amalric, right) and his wife (Emmanuelle Seigner).

The Doors of Perception: Nietzsche Revisited in The Diving Bell & The Butterfly

Le scaphandre et le papillon by the American artist and director Julian Schnabel is a good example of what cinema is able to accomplish. Based on a novel by Jean-Dominique Bauby, the former...

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24. 11. 2014
Julien (Guillaume Canet, left) and Sophie (Marion Cotillard, right) can't stay away from playing their dares game.

The Musical Box: Marion Cotillard Plays Wicked Games in Love Me If You Dare

Jeux d’enfants by French director Yann Samuell begins as a rather sad version of Amélie but develops a dynamic of its own which leads to catastrophe. The young Julien Janvier (Guillaume Canet), whose...

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28. 10. 2014
Veronica (Winona Ryder, left) and her boyfriend J.D. (Christian Slater, right) have grand plans.

Pleasure to Kill: Winona Ryder and Christian Slater Get Rid of the Heathers

Heathers is maybe the first realistic high-school movie and – at the same time – the most sophisticated. Due to its highly intelligent script, this movie has the depth and the wit of...

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02. 06. 2014
Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg, center) tries to revive her sex life.

Sexual Healing: Charlotte Gainsbourg Enters the Dark Side in Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac: Vol. II

The second act of Nymphomaniac isn’t the first sequel shot by notorious Danish director Lars von Trier; that honor belongs to the horror movie Epidemic. Yet his latest two-part film carries the distinction...

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31. 05. 2014
Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg, left) tells the wise older hermit Seligman (Stellan Starsgård) all about her life as a nymphomaniac.

Lust for Life: Charlotte Gainsbourg Becomes Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac: Vol. I

Lars von Trier has never run away from controversy. The Danish enfant terrible has rather made a career out of embracing it – whether by being banned from the Cannes Film Festival for...

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16. 02. 2014
Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio, right) may be the Wolf of Wall Street - but at home, 'pussy runs the show' in the shape of his wife Naomi (Margot Robbie, left).

Money for Nothing: Martin Scorsese Makes Leonardo DiCaprio The Wolf Of Wall Street

After some rather unconventional career choices lately, Martin Scorsese has finally returned to the world he knows best – that of the real-life gangsters transported to the big screen. For The Wolf Of...

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20. 11. 2013
The Sand Pebbles

The Sand Pebbles

The Sand Pebbles, starring the “King of Cool” Steve McQueen, is one of the best films of the 1960s. The film focuses on the journey of a Navy Engineer by the name of...

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31. 10. 2013
Paul Biegler (James Stewart, center) is caught between a rock - Frederick Manion (Ben Gazzara, right) - an a hard place - Laura Manion (Lee Remick, left).

Basket Case: James Stewart Defends Ben Gazzara in Otto Preminger’s Anatomy Of A Murder

James ‘Jimmy’ Stewart is one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors of all time. His noteworthy movies range from an Oscar-winning performance in Frank Capra’s The Philadelphia Story to becoming an Alfred Hitchcock’s favorite...

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29. 09. 2013
Drifter Michael Williams (Nicolas Cage) stares into the radiator of a car - and into the face of death.

Devils & Dust: The Corruption of Nicolas Cage in John Dahl’s Red Rock West

Remember when Nicolas Cage was one of the more respected actors of the Hollywood family? It may appear like eons ago, but in the 1990s, he had a remarkable run of movies that...

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27. 08. 2013
Candy (Vanessa Hudgens), Brit (Ashley Benson), Cotty (Rachel Korine), and Faith (Selena Gomez, from left to right) are caught in the act.

Excess All Areas: ‘Deflowering’ the Disney Girls in Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers

You can probably say an awful lot of things about Harmony Korine but not that the man has ever shied away from controversy. In fact, he seems to embrace it, at least occasionally....

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25. 06. 2013
Neil (Ben Affleck, left) and his old love Jane (Rachel McAdams, right).

Bitter Sweet Symphony: Terrence Malick Takes Us To The Wonder

There is no other director like Terrence Malick. Granted, you could probably say that about pretty much every other filmmaker out there. The American director, however, remains a peculiar case. After all, we’re...

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