Ip Man

Ip Man

Ip Man

Carl Douglas’s famous song “Everybody loves Kung Fu fighting” rings in the ears of everyone about the majesty and absolute cool factor of every kung fu movie. In my opinion though, if you haven’t watched Ip Man (pronounced “eep- mun”), you ain’t seen nothing yet.

For all you kung fu geeks, Ip Man is actually the master of the famous Bruce Lee, and the famous grandmaster of the martial art of “Wing Chun”. The action in this movie was so good that one actually will seriously consider a wing chun martial art class at the end of the movie. Directed by Wilson Yip and screened played by Edmond Wong, the film stole “Best Picture” and “Best Action Choreography” at the Hong Kong Film Awards. Paired with a captivating soundtrack by Kenji Kawai (best known for his work in animes like Ghost in a Shell), the movie serves to set the stage for the most awesome kung fu movie experience one can enjoy.

The movie based on the life of Ip-Man is a glorious tale of the grandmaster and how his family has to endure the toils of oppression due to the Japanese occupation of China during WW2. Portrayed skillfully by Donnie Yen (in my opinion the “Christian Bale” of the east) the movie begins in the town of Foshan, a place known for its many martial artists. The tale begins with a jovial tune as Ip Man and his family both enjoy the luxury and respect of the many citizens of Foshan due to his skillfulness in the art of Wing Chun. Things soon take a turn for the worse as the story unfolds due to the Japanese occupation of the town of Foshan. Ip Man and his family continues to endure the hardships of it but stands up against what he sees to be the unjust murder of his fellow martial artists.

All in all, the movie leaves the audience with a sense of what it feels like to be a father figure, a defender of the weak and a true hero of the community in times of hardship and oppression. This is possibly one of the best Kung-Fu movies of the decade.

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