Sayonara Itsuka

Sayonara Itsuka

In the 1960s, an ambitious businessman moves on assignment to Thailand in order to allow himself to be groomed for promotion in the airline business. His goals are large and his dreams equally so. Yatsuka seems to have everything figured out. He has a waiting bride in Japan, but a home run he hits, while ignoring an order from his boss to bunt, changes his life forever.

Yatsuka’s ball lands outside the park and a gorgeous, dashing woman, by the name of Tuoko picks the ball up. Later that night when Yatsuka is showering, Tuoko shows up to bring his homerun baseball back. She sits on the window sill and literally drops her panties on the floor. With very little imagination, it’s not hard to guess how the scene progresses from there.

Yatsuka quickly falls in love with the woman, but of course he has his blushing bride waiting at home in Tokyo. This bride is a relative of his boss, and his marriage to her assures his promotion within the company. Yatsuka faces a daunting choice. He must either go with a woman who he doesn’t love and fulfill his childish dreams, or he can choose love.

Although I won’t tell what he chooses, or how the story progresses, I will say that this film is adequately melancholy, emotive and bittersweet at times. I think that many people can likely relate to the emotions that the characters feel at one point or another during the film. Everyone faces tough choices about their life, this is simply an extreme example. Hopefully everyone can also relate to falling in love as well. These are universal experiences which cut across cultural boundaries and which the movie explores candidly.

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