The Loop Closes: Time Travelling in Style in Rian Johnson’s Looper

'Killing is my business - and business is good': Joe Simmons (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) in his element.

Time travels are nothing too unusual in cinema. We’ve seen it in several Star Trek movies and in the Back To The Future trilogy, amongst many others. Meeting one’s own younger or older self always poses a lot of difficulties for the heroes of these movies, as even the slightest change in the past may alter the whole time-space continuum.

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The Spy Who Came in from the Cold: James Bond’s Impressive Comeback in Sam Mendes’s Skyfall

James Bond (Daniel Craig) and his legendary Aston Martin DB5

To the sounds of energetic percussive music, James Bond tracks down a villain on the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. All of a sudden, a Jeep manned by a female British agent picks him up. Mere moments later, 007 has already become involved in a motorbike chase over the rooftops along the marketplace. He lands on top of a train and tries to retrieve a very important stolen list from the baddie. ‘M,’ listening in over the radio, has qualms that her super spy might fail her. While he is in a fistfight with the enemy, she orders the female agent to shoot at Bond from a distance. The woman hits 007. He falls off a bridge and down a waterfall.

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Method Man: Sherlock Holmes – A Game Of Shadows

Madame Simza Heron (Noomi Rapace, center) joins forces with Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey, jr., left) and Doctor Watson (Jude Law, right)

‘You know my methods,’ Sherlock Holmes remarks in A Game Of Shadows. Although he addresses to his loyal companion Doctor Watson in the second installment of his cinematic modernization of the old Arthur Conan Doyle tales, we know his methods, too. As James Bond has done so many times in the past and will do again in Skyfall come November, Robert Downey jr. has returned as Holmes and Jude Law once again plays Watson. So what’s new about A Game Of Shadows then?

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