Slaves & Masters: The 86th Annual Academy Awards Coverage

'And the Oscar goes to...'
‘And the Oscar goes to…’

It’s that time of the year again. Hollywood appreciates itself by handing out prestigious golden trophies. 2013 was full of surprises, both in a positive and in a negative way. This year’s class trots out its fair share of favorites, ranging from a satire on capitalism and stockbrokers (The Wolf Of Wall Street) and a spy tragicomedy (American Hustle) to classic science-fiction (Gravity), historical drama (12 Years A Slave), and contemporary drama (Dallas Buyers Club).

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‘Argo F*ck Yourself’: The 85th Annual Academy Awards Coverage

The 2013 Oscars logo.

Hollywood is clearly an appreciation society, and with the 2013 Oscars, the industry’s season of appreciating itself has just come to a close – for now. Unlike a year ago, when The Artist by Michel Hazanavicius and Hugoby Martin Scorsese scooped up five of the prestigious awards each, there were no clear-cut winners this time around. Some of those who took home the trophies were exactly those everybody had in mind. Others, however, were more of a zinger – making the crop of 2013 a more well-rounded, balanced class than the previous one.

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Golden Boys: The 84th Annual Academy Awards Coverage

2012 Oscars Logo

The 84th Annual Academy Awards have just come to a close. So what can we take away from it other than Billy Crystal being a charming, but aging host or the ladies gushing about Brad Pitt’s outfit? For starters, there were two big winners among the films: Hugo, Martin Scorsese’s 3D adventure, and The Artist, Michel Hazanavicius’s homage to the silent era. Each had received a double-digit number of nominations, and both won five times apiece.

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