Immigrant Song: Almanya as a Heartwarming Portrait of the Multicultural Germany of Today

The whole family reunited

In the 1960s, West Germany prospered so much that people were referring to the period as Wirtschaftswunder, an ’economic miracle,’ so to speak. Although the country had full employment, there was still a need for even more workers. So the capitalist Germans recruited a myriad of laborers from abroad: Italians, Spaniards, Greeks, Portuguese, Yugoslavians, Moroccans, Tunisians, and, of course, Turks. Their arrival would change the nation forever.

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Conversation Piece: ‘Kvartet I’ and Their Funny Guide to Learn What Men Talk About

Our four heroes at their destination: Kamil, Lyosha, Slava, and Sasha (from left to right)

What would happen if you combined The Hangover (with less below-the-belt jokes and more sophisticated humor), Sex & The City, Road Trip, and then seasoned the recipe with some vodka, borsch, shashlyk, and other assorted Russian flavors? That is what the popular comedians ‘Kvartet I’ from Moscow asked themselves a while ago.

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