My Way

Tatsuo and Jun-Shik

“My Way” is a poignant, dramatic account of two men, one Korean (Jun Shik) and the other Japanese (Tatsuo), who forge a bond in their favorite activity, running. Early on in life, it’s clear that the Koreans living in Japan, during the days of the Japanese Empire were looked down upon. Even Tatsuo projects this attitude towards his friend.

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Max Manus

Max Manus (right)

Max Manus, at a seemingly modest production price of 55 million kroner[1] (ca. 9.6 million dollars), is the most expensive film ever produced in Norwegian history. Though this might not sound like much money, for a country with a mere five million citizens that’s an unheard of amount of money to go towards the production of a film. The quality in production and aesthetically pleasing screenplay appear to merit the budget, not to mention twelve accolades for everything from best actress to best film.[2] The filming style is somewhat reminiscent of that used in Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan, and many of the imitation films which followed. The film was largely regarded as a great triumph for directors Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg, with an estimated 25% of the entire Norwegian population having screened the film.[3]

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