Devils & Dust: The Corruption of Nicolas Cage in John Dahl’s Red Rock West

Drifter Michael Williams (Nicolas Cage) stares into the radiator of a car - and into the face of death.

Remember when Nicolas Cage was one of the more respected actors of the Hollywood family? It may appear like eons ago, but in the 1990s, he had a remarkable run of movies that worked and increased his reputation. Nicolas Cage couldn’t do any wrong – or so it seemed. He had the male starring role in David Lynch’s Wild At Heart, became a rom-com favorite with such films as Honeymoon In Vegas and It Could Happen To You, and even scooped an Oscar as best leading man for Leaving Las Vegas. Then he turned into an action hero in the Jerry Bruckheimer blockbusters The Rock and Con Air. One of the underrated gems from this period in Nicolas Cage’s career is Red Rock West, an indie road movie/noir by John Dahl.

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