Hot Tub Time Machine

Main characters in 'Hot Tub Time Machine'

Hot Tub Time Machine is a movie for the collective masses aimed at anybody over the age of 13 who can giggle at profanity and a weak, overplayed storyline – going back in time and altering the course of events. Let’s be honest, the concept wasn’t even new when the Back To The Future franchise came out and catapulted Michael J. Fox to superstardom.

With that said and that set aside, the film does have a few redeeming qualities. The cast selection worked quite well for the type of film. Rob Corddry, who played the eccentric, idiotic fill-in director for an investigative bureau in the film Harold and Kumar: Escape From Guantanamo Bay, brings essentially the same skillset and acting style to this film, although his character is a little less serious. The case is basically the same with Craig Robinson who was recently featured in the film Zach And Miri Make A Porno, the director of the porno film and the creator of the fictional film production company ‘Nigger Rich Productions’ (which he claims was his second choice because ‘Dreamworks’ was taken). Craig Robinson brings his serious-yet-funny style of humor to the table in Hot Tub Time Machine. There was a also cameo by the famed Chevy Chase, who plays the technician who works on the hot tub and seems to be in control of their little trip back in time.

Overall, the film is quite predictable, unoriginal and seems like the type of film that a few guys would watch during a party while having a cold one. I wouldn’t recommend this film in particular.

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