Tag: Cold War

  • Double Agents: Guy Ritchie Reveals The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

    Pop culture has always been captivated by the Cold War. Back in the day, its backdrop spawned the longest-tenured blockbuster movie franchise ever, the James Bond series. This fascination with spies from the East-West conflict has never ceased, particularly so with Hollywood reenacting television shows and feature films from that era. The latest example is […]

  • Rebels with a Cause: Valeri Todorovsky’s Russian Hipsters and the Postwar Jazz

    Russians tend to love music. People who are familiar with the country‚Äôs cinema know that there are usually a couple of songs in the films produced in Russia, especially in those from the Soviet period. Actors often double as singers and vice versa. It is therefore surprising that the musical had been neglected by the […]

  • Double Agents: Cold War Revisited in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

    Spy thrillers have long fascinated the masses. Ever since the two World Wars, people have shown great interest in intelligence and counterintelligence, which only increased during the Cold War with its two adversarial camps. The most famous of the literary and cinematic secret agents is James Bond, the super-spy by English author Ian Fleming. He […]