The Hidden Face

The Hidden Face Movie Poster

The Hidden Face (La Cara Oculta), is a surprising gem of a film. The film is set in the sprawling city of Bogota, Columbia. A well-respected conductor from Spain by the name of Adrian (Quim Gutiérrez) falls in love with a girl named Belen (Clara Lago). The relationship is going great until one day she disappears. Adrian looks for quite a long time, trying to locate his ex-girlfriend, as she is presumably still alive. She leaves behind a video tape, explaining why she was leaving, but the whole thing is a prank gone horribly wrong.

Little to Adrian’s knowledge, the house that he was renting from a German lady contained a hidden room, which is equipped with a bed, books, a desk, a wardrobe, a sink and toilet, some ancient German spam, and of course, old nazi memorabilia and uniforms. Presumably it was a hideout for the owner’s father who could hide in South America inside this panic room. The room was also fitted with sound monitors, one way mirrors (which faced outwards from the wardrobe), and was entirely soundproof.

Later on, it comes about that the German lady shows Belen the secret compartment, and gives her the key. This is where she hides when her lover comes home, waiting to surprise him. Her key however falls out of her purse in her rush to hide inside the hidden fortress, locking herself in. Within days, her lover finds a new lover by the name of Fabiana (Martina García). She is forced to watch, and hear them having sex over the monitors and through the windows. Eventually things go south, but a glimmer of hope appears…Fabiana seems to notice her pounding on the pipes when she is using the bathroom.

The film’s plot is almost child-like in its simplicity, and uses dialogue, simple shots to illustrate the emotional turmoil that is caused by this event gone awry. The film is a little bit on the short side, but it’s understandable given the simplicity of the story.

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